topDN - Free DNS Hosting Service

After you registered your favorite domain name...

You need a DNS server to store your DNS records, and... that's !

  • 5 Domain Names (FREE!)
  • 20 Records per domain (FREE!)
  • Worldwide DNS Server, uptime > 99.99%
    • (JP Tokyo)
    • (US East)
    • (US South)

topDN - Special Feature

  • DNS Round Robin Support
  • Wildcard Domain Name Support
  • Various Record Type, Including A, CNAME, MX, SRV, SSHFP, SPF, TXT and NS records
  • Web Admin Interface and Instant Updates - Less than 3 minutes

Something between old / new

here is the story. was created in 2006, it was a url forwarder service. As the years go by, I decided to make a change... shape it, and re-build it.

Now, this is the whole new, a quick and simple free DNS hosting service.

Latest news

  • 1Fed - using let's encrypt for HTTPS connection. (2016)
  • 5July - face lift, google advertisement. (2015)
  • 18May - minor bug fix, change logo, css style. (2015)
  • 27Feb - a whole new DNS hosting service online. (2012)
  • 18AUG

    roga created for short url service, separated from (2009)
  • 25Sep

    2006-09-25, was created, as a sub-domain redirecting and short url service. (2006)


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